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Business meeting

English Language Coaching

Coaching of English for business purposes will assist in your preparation for a specific upcoming event or situation where the English language is required. You will be coached on the use of the right words and expressions for the right occasions - so that when the time comes, you won't be at a loss for words!


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    € 60.00 / hour via telephone
    on site upon request

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Cultural issues will be covered, as well as the differences between US and British English, how to use smalltalk effectively, different ways of addressing business contacts and, of course, business etiquette. Additionally, assistance will be provided for correct pronunciation and intonation to make your business appearance especially polished and professional.

The coaching session, whether over the telephone or in person, will be tailored to suit your needs. All you have to do is tell the coach about your upcoming event: what you will need to say, what topics will be covered and how it should be presented. From there, your English coach will provide you with the correct words, expressions and phrases and will practice them with you, giving you help with pronunciation and intonation where needed. This is a situation where the assistance of a native speaker of English is truly invaluable! Furthermore, the coaching gives you a chance to "rehearse" for an important business meeting, presentation, negotiation or conference. If you practice with a pro, you'll become a pro!

For an hourly charge, this service is available in person or via telephone by appointment.

The language training courses and seminars, as well as the language coaching offered through Sprachcoach can be arranged for in-house instruction through your company or on an individual basis as arranged through our office. Please call, email, fax or use our contact form.

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